Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Work

Here's some new work I did recently for Cincinnati Magazine. Thought it might be interesting to include a few of the rough ideas I had to start. The illo is for a short piece about Ilya Finkelshteyn the new principal cellist for the Cincinnati Symphony. He also happens to have a huge passion for golf, so the brief was to privide a mix of the two.

Below are two versions of the final illustration, I prefer the all red background. Dennis at Cincinnati decided to go with the other featuring the colours of the Russian flag.


Ann Marie said...

Good work, Mark! I, too, like the background that is more reddish. It really puts the focus on the musician. Well done!!

Too bad the Sox didn't make it this year, but I like that you wear the cap on your blog! :)

Mark said...

Thanks Ann Marie. Hoping the Phillies can pull it off and upset all at Yankee Stadium.