Thursday, January 15, 2009

Diary Doodle Books

Evening. Happy New Year to you, the person reading my blog. It's been a while and it's not like I haven't done anything since my last post some months ago. Anyway it's a new year and I aim to keep things up to date a bit better this year and who knows people may actually stumble across it and have a read.

Because I liked the idea so much I've decided to have another go at sketching in my diary every day. I tried it last year and failed to keep up with it, but this years going to be different. Instead of posting every day It's going to be weekly. I've bought a lovely weekly diary and will endevour to see it through this year. You can check out how it's going so far by clicking here. Hopefully a few of my friends will find the time to join in too and share their weekly doodles too. Cheers.

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