Friday, March 21, 2008

New work

A little update on some of the things I've been working on lately. First up I was asked to do a caricature of one of the characters from the new 'Get Minted' ad's, which you can see by clicking here. The caricature was for a press ad and will be printed over the next couple of days (20th-22nd March) in the 'Daily Star' not a paper I'm usually reading although it does have a good sports section after all the naked pictures and idle gossip.

Next up are some illustrations for the latest edition of 'Benhealth', a magazine for members of the Benenden Healthcare Society. I was asked to produce a few illustrations for a couple of stories. The first on healthy eating and foods from around the world, which included the cover for the magazine. The other was some nice little spot illustrations for an article on the new breed of computer games designed to train the brain. Lovely.

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Monday Morning Man said...

Hey Brother,

just caught your bird tee on blurb and i just want to say i dig your Art - Keep it up!