Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tea, Music & boxes.

Quick update on things. No response from Thumbtack Press so far so guess I've joined the 99% of submissions that don't make the cut. I'll try again sometime in the future and attempt to make the accepted 1%. Looking into other avenues with regards to prints, hopefully I'll have something sorted in the next few months.

My time of living and working in Boston is coming to an end. I'm moving back to England in July after a little jaunt down the west coast, starting in Seattle and finishing in Las Vegas. Hopefully I'll see and experience some inspiring things and do some good sketches to post on the blog.

The apartments full of boxes, plenty of packing still to do.



Bob Flynn said...

And also, sorry to hear you're leaving Boston so soon. Be sure to stay in touch. I'll keep checkin your blog.

Mark said...

Sad to be leaving, but happy to be going home to family and friends. Had fun and met some great people including your good self, I will indeed keep in touch. Cheers.