Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bountee delivered

Ordered my shirt on the 24th April, by the 12th May it was snuggley stuffed in the mailbox. Quality wise the prints pretty good as is the shirt. Emma ordered a girls shirt which arrived the same day and again I'm really happy with how it's come out.

Drop on over to bountee.com to get your own, and to those who have already put in an order, thanks very much.



Bob Flynn said...

Hey Mark,

Love this T-shirt design. The close-up here looks amazing. The detail, deadon. Does Bountee compete with Threadless (that the t-shirt site i've heard of before)?

Mark said...

Cheers Bob, good to hear from you. Bountee only started in April, so they're just finding their feet. I think Threadless is one of the main influences for them and someone they hope to be competing with. Thought I would give them a go to see what they were all about and what the quality was like.