Friday, September 29, 2006

Chimp of the Month

For my kindness in wishing theApe a Happy Birthday on the 25th he's nominated me to be 'Chimp of the Month'. The first one at that on The Little Chimp Society.

What does this mean for me, well there will be a little thumbnail of one of my illustrations on the Little Chimps home page through October. Which will link to a little profile about myself and hopefully inform a few more people about my work. So it's all good shameless self promotion.

I've also updated the website and added a couple of new illustrations including 'Here Lye Red Sox'.


1 comment:

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Love your new illos, mark!

I have no problems with shameless promotion! Hahaha! ;)

Looking forward to seeing more soon. Glad you start this blog.