Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Leave the drugs behind and just run!

Submitted to Illustration Friday.

Sleeping man

Having a bit of a shitty day, struggling to focus and concentrate on things. So went out for a little walk, sort my head out and get inspired. Looked through some books and magazines in Barnes & Noble, which seemed to clear some of the mess from my head. Walking back I saw this guy fast asleep on a bench. I wasn't doing much else so got the sketchbook out and spent 15 minutes just drawing which felt great. Loved the way the guys arms and hands were clasped round his chest.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Business Holiday

This is a little sketch idea from my book for an article I read about people being unable to detach themself from their work whilst on holiday. I was just flicking through my book and found it again and really liked it. Rejected it because the guy looks to be having to much fun and instead of it looking like he's dropped his phone, he appears to be throwing it. Anyway thought it was worth posting.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Little Chimp Society

I was recently invited by theApe at 'ApeFluff' to join the 'Little Chimp Society' A cool little blog featuring loads of other groovy creative types. Check it out to see some of theApe's work and loads of other good stuff and news of exhibitions and events here.


The question I've asked myself countless times is am I sometimes depressed because of the music I'm listening to?
Currently it's Thom Yorkes' 'The Eraser' which is not the happiest CD in the world, but I like it even if it's possibly making me feel a little blue.