Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's not quite right

but then there are times I look at it and I find it's not too bad.

Anyway been to the David Hockney Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Art which was pretty cool and gave me a warm fuzzy feeling of my home town Bradford. Don't feel like that often. Loved his pen & ink stuff, some of the paintings and photo montages especially the Polaroid ones. It's inspired me to do a bit more painting, portraits particularly. The first of which is above. A nice change of scene from the photoshop illustrations I'm working on at the moment.


On heavy rotation: Nixon, Lambchop.


Janey said...

I like this drawing, especially the yellow highlighting. I saw David Hockney in NY a life time ago. I too love his pen and ink work. And I like your squished up guy in the postcard. I hope he can have a good stretch someday.


Luigi said...

I wish I could paint/draw like this. The only stuff I draw/paint are Canadian geese. hahaha.